Basic requirements to be met in the household new wind system


The fresh air system earlier from the U.S. and Europe after the introduction of the country has been applied in industrial and commercial areas, as crowded places for indoor ventilation, this point home air system and other household products are similar, the difference is that in the household air system into the family function at the same time, to better improve and extend. The reason is that with the diffusion of fog and haze, early ventilation equipment does not guarantee indoor air purity and proper temperature and humidity.

As people pay more attention to the fog and haze, the new wind system begins to go into the household, and a set of good household new wind systems can basically meet the following three demands:

First, the household new wind system should deal with the problem of outdoor haze. The fresh air system, as a ventilation device running 24 hours a day, will continuously bring outdoor outdoor air into the room. Therefore, indoor air quality is quite related to outdoor air in a certain sense. To avoid outdoor air pollution, outdoor outdoor fresh air should be pre purified.

Second, the home decoration of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOL and other toxic gases is long, closed housing will lead after a certain time of indoor carbon dioxide concentration is too high; two pollution, all kinds of Home Furnishing life produces mold, bring into the virus also often require ventilation, and with the new air system in the window of the case for indoor air filtration, conveying and discharging the waste gas Home Furnishing, is undoubtedly the best choice.

Third, the two seasons of winter and summer indoor and outdoor temperature difference, long in the interior will be affected by increased concentrations of carbon dioxide, "air conditioning disease" and other problems, etc. the cold and hot air into the ventilation window will affect the experience effect, increase the energy consumption, and it is necessary to retain this loss of energy and to reduce energy consumption needs to be applied to HVAC industry. The heat exchange device, put in the fresh air system is a heat exchange system.