Is the villa new wind system durable?


Villa air system by operating environment requires continuous clean air transportation indoor temperature and humidity appropriate, need to consider the various components of the work efficiency, such as motor, fan, purifier, heat exchanger and so on, in the new system, the selection process also need to consider the quality and quantity of fresh air, purifying rate, heat exchange rate. So the villa air system which factors is the most important? Is the property of durability important in the fresh wind system of the love villa?

environmental factor

In addition to the need to safeguard the villa air system under the environment of different hot and cold air pollution, in the actual use of the life also need to get attention, in order to avoid the emergence of new air after long-term use of plugging, pipeline rupture, fresh air is not enough conditions caused by inconvenient maintenance, the quality of fresh air villa system often has more stringent requirements villa air system durable can cause more comprehensive response to the environmental factors of the burden of the villa.

Practical use

Installation of villa fresh air system is generally a ceiling type, living in one place, and buildings, not long-term maintenance, thus greatly test machine itself waterproof resistance to moisture, rust and corrosion resistance, and the performance of the machine vibration and instability factors, villa fresh air system should also consider these possible the influence factors in the design process, so the scientific and reasonable design can be more lasting response.

Machine factors

Of course, the villa air system of all these factors after all are machine itself quality problems, in addition to the above said host material quality, structure and other hazards, but also relates to the purification equipment and core components of heat exchange system of the machine, material structure that filters and heat exchange membrane.