Is the haze really good at the outdoors?


The body is more and more heavy, more and more do not understand the limit and pleasure of outdoor sports, but I still remember it now, in the early morning carrying bags, running on the way to school, lanes to cool morning breeze blowing poplar, will ease exercise chest Zaore, then the pace is brisk. The mind is clear, like a wind and carry you forward, so that the running state who would not refuse to believe.

In a good environment, people feel comfortable and feel physically and mentally exhausted when they move out of the air with a smog. This is because breathing is deepened during violent exercise. Harmful substances will be more easily inhaled, enter human blood and cause chronic threats. Besides, haze will also affect our mood.

For most people, although there is no obvious health problems in haze weather for a short period of time, toxic particles from haze will cause inflammation in long term inhalation, or directly increase the incidence of pneumonia, stroke and heart disease.

Therefore, in the long run, the organizers will recommend players running nose breathing, because more than 10 micron particles, the vibrissa can block 95%, but for PM2.5, nose is unstoppable, people in the long run, basically do not only nose breathing.

But this is not to say that running and running during the haze is not good.

In 2012, University of Sao Paulo conducted a test on rats. In a month, two groups of mice were placed in a weapon contaminated environment. One group exercised and the other group did not. The results showed that the mice in the exercise were found to be able to resist pneumonia caused by pollution, and those who did not exercise were even worse with pneumonia.

Studies have shown that long-term aerobic exercise can help mice to produce antioxidants, thereby reducing the negative reaction to pollution.

Therefore, the air difference can not be an excuse for not moving.

Of course, it does not mean that air pollution is not considered in the outdoor exercise. After all, our sports are always for health. So when you do outdoor sports, you should also choose the right time.

If the weather is clear, the air is clear, of course, it is a good time for outdoor sports, but also pay attention to the weather forecast, at PM2.5 less than 100 mu g/m3 to go out again. In addition, we should try to avoid places where traffic is crowded. When choosing the following direction, we can avoid inhalation of harmful substances and breathe more breath while running. We can also consider the use of professional sports masks.

There may be one thousand reasons for not wanting to go to the gym, but the single PM2.5 index is good for indoor sports, but it is also a good choice to exercise indoors, but we must pay attention to the measures of ventilation and ventilation.

In fact, now there are more and more, the gym club began to pay attention to this point, the ventilator, exhaust fan into a more traditional air system for indoor comfort, not only can provide real-time fresh oxygen rich clean air, can be indoor sweat taste, smell of formaldehyde from outdoor equipment, has become the most price, the most complete function and the highest efficiency of indoor ventilation equipment.